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Welcome to the ULTRAclub Super Tournament. This series is a multiple event tennis competition designed to be flexible, inclusive and is open to all who are interested in participating. There are currently two competitions running in parallel — singles & doubles.

The year long doubles tournament is organised in to 12 events lasting roughly 3 hours, normally on the third weekend of each month. The season runs from April through to the following March. Entry is $5 per event (free for UTA club members).

Happening twice a month is the singles tournament. The format for this is less structured and consists of more frequent – but smaller – events. Participants are able to challenge whomever they wish to play giving them a variety of skills and styles to test themselves against. These events are scheduled around the doubles events but aim to be on the second Saturday and fourth Sunday of each month.

While most advantage is gained by joining early in the season, interested players can come along at any point and participate as their schedule allows.

Prizes worth $1000 are on offer, available as cash and subsidised memberships. Each event has an ever increasing amount allocated to it, to be divided by the top 5 men and women present on the day, in accordance to skill and level of participation.

Players can be of any ability as matches are organised so people of a similar ability play together. What better way to improve one's game than by playing a variety of players of similar level? As one improves, so does the opposition. Enough skill to maintain a rally is required though.

The events are hosted at various facilities around Auckland. Current locations are Ellerslie, Epsom and Glen Eden. If you belong to a club and wish to try hosting an event, please get in contact. We are always looking to expand the options to involve more people.

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